tell me a story

My favorite thing to read is a collection of short stories. I love cuddling with one any day, but more so when I’m traveling. It’s the perfect kind of book to take with me on a trip: Flip a few pages while waiting to board; a few more on the plane after perusing the in-flight […]

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a rainy day ends up sunny

I remember waiting for the train one early morning in this rural part of Japan. I wouldn’t say I was alone.The steady stream of rain made for a rather boisterous companion. I had planned a full day’s worth of itinerary exploring Teshima Island for the Setouchi Triennale. Given the weather, I was worried I might […]

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it’s been a year, pumpkin

This time last year, we were in Naoshima for a day trip (only. Super bitin!). From Osaka it took about three hours to get there via bullet and regular trains and a ferry ride. The weather was not the most ideal for scouring the island, sadly, but still we had a blast. I will be […]

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fresh start

I would always say that I have such a tiny social media footprint. For years I was reluctant to start a blog, because, I don’t know, sharing personal stuff for all the interwebz ppl to see makes me nervous. It’s almost akin to feeling naked. That’s why my Facebook account is practically nonexistent. I have […]

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