fresh start

I would always say that I have such a tiny social media footprint. For years I was reluctant to start a blog, because, I don’t know, sharing personal stuff for all the interwebz ppl to see makes me nervous. It’s almost akin to feeling naked. That’s why my Facebook account is practically nonexistent. I have nonexistent Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. I do have an existing Snapchat account but I gave up on Day 1 (This tita will never figure it out.) I’m active on Instagram; the account is on private though. But maybe opening up to the www isn’t so bad. And it is still my choice to keep the PMS-laced sob stories of my life just to myself or to my closest friends over cocktails.

Self, let’s just keep this (mostly for) fun. Cheers!

Mt. Pulag sunrise, January 2016

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