it’s been a year, pumpkin

This time last year, we were in Naoshima for a day trip (only. Super bitin!). From Osaka it took about three hours to get there via bullet and regular trains and a ferry ride. The weather was not the most ideal for scouring the island, sadly, but still we had a blast. I will be back.

Yayoi Kusama’s iconic pumpkin installation on the art island of Naoshima, September 2015
This way to the Benesse House, says my friend Sharline.
Late lunch at the Benesse House made me feel like one of those ojousama in the cafe that afternoon. The modest cheesecake (both in size and sweetness) was verrry Japanese. Heehee. And I think I kept that sugar cube with the dainty flower on the package.
Naoshima is also home to other artists’ installations, such as this colorful Niki Saint Phalle’s, and of course some of Tadao Ando’s architectural masterpieces (which, sadly, we didn’t have time to view. So yes, Naoshima, I’ll come back for ya.)
This one’s a strong contender for the world’s prettiest pothole cover; found near Uno Port in Okayama.
Me and my red pumpkin face! Another one of Kusama’s.

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