a rainy day ends up sunny

Sanuki-Saita station, Mitoyo-shi, Shikoku, Japan, April 2016

I remember waiting for the train one early morning in this rural part of Japan. I wouldn’t say I was alone.The steady stream of rain made for a rather boisterous companion. I had planned a full day’s worth of itinerary exploring Teshima Island for the Setouchi Triennale. Given the weather, I was worried I might be unable to maximize my day trip. But I also remember thinking, Oh well. Heck, I’m doing this. Let things be. 

From the anticlimactic title you would glean that there had been a shift in weather. By the time I reached Takamatsu station, the whiny companion I had in the morning disappeared and an intense and sunny one had materialized. She was a bit unbearable for some parts of the trip (It didn’t help that walking was practically my only mode of transportation in that hilly island. I rode the bus maybe once or twice, and an old local lady had kindly offered me a ride going to one of the art sites.) but I would pick her over the boisterous one any day especially that day.

It was a fine, fine day that saw my heart bursting at the seams. I had covered a lot of ground and gathered precious snippets to distill in my happy memory bank. So glad I hadn’t let the rainy start faze me!

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