dog day morning

I had unwittingly amassed quite a number of beach x dog shots these past few years. Here are two of … More

taking it slow

  Must we always be in a rush? ¬†We all get exactly twenty four hours in a day. If anything, … More

on words like whimsy

There really are certain words as pretty and pleasant as the meanings they carry. For me those words include¬†whimsy, fluffy, … More

elevating the everyday

I first read about the joys of Elevating the Everyday back in 2008 from a styling story in the old … More


I’m all for embracing the beautiful bits and less than stellar parts of a journey, any journey. Side note: I … More

choices, choices, choices

Oh, how wonderful it is to have choices…and actually have the courage (and let’s say a certain balance of naivety … More