dog day morning

I had unwittingly amassed quite a number of beach x dog shots these past few years. Here are two of them, both taken in the morning hence the play on that Al Pacino movie.

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taking it slow

  Must we always be in a rush?  We all get exactly twenty four hours in a day. If anything, at least there is universal equality in that. Oh, the luxury of time.

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on words like whimsy

There really are certain words as pretty and pleasant as the meanings they carry. For me those words include whimsy, fluffy, cherish, serene. Then there are also non-poetic sounding, “utilitarian” words like procure and provision that I somehow find charming. The other day I was telling a friend, who’s fluent in Nihongo, how I think the Japanese […]

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elevating the everyday

I first read about the joys of Elevating the Everyday back in 2008 from a styling story in the old Domino magazine — hands down, still my favorite style and shelter title! Pre-Pinterest and Instagram, Domino was everything. I would pore over the issues like crazy, reveling at the spreads of perfectly chic and quirky homes. […]

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I’m all for embracing the beautiful bits and less than stellar parts of a journey, any journey. Side note: I slightly cringe at the word “journey” (is it just me?) but opted for it in this case as “trip” and “travel” don’t quite suffice. Then there is bound to be a detour or two along […]

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choices, choices, choices

Oh, how wonderful it is to have choices…and actually have the courage (and let’s say a certain balance of naivety and bullheadedness) to make a choice. Of course, there are legit situations in life wherein the “Wala kasi akong choice” would apply, but otherwise, I hope to keep in mind to exercise with delight the […]

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