choices, choices, choices

Kalinga, July 2013. En route to Fang-Od’s house up in Buscalan to get traditionally inked for my birthday, I had asked my guide for one too many rest stops. Haha. I was obviously not prepped to trek that time–coming from practically zero exercise, plus wearing floral Keds instead of proper footwear. Ha! For this particular stop, I had another intention in mind: taking a photo of the assortment of flowers and wild whatnots I had gathered along the way.

Oh, how wonderful it is to have choices…and actually have the courage (and let’s say a certain balance of naivety and bullheadedness) to make a choice. Of course, there are legit situations in life wherein the “Wala kasi akong choice” would apply, but otherwise, I hope to keep in mind to exercise with delight the freedom of having and making a choice.  🙂

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