Mt. Pulag, January 2016. This is perhaps my favorite trail. Witnessing the glorious “Sea of Clouds” as the sun rises is a gorgeous moment, as expected, but so is the sum of all the little candid, endearing parts such as treading this short slim stretch on the way to the summit under the bright early morning sun. Handed my right glove to the left hand for better grip taking a photo, hence the weird fingers sticking out.

I’m all for embracing the beautiful bits and less than stellar parts of a journey, any journey. Side note: I slightly cringe at the word “journey” (is it just me?) but opted for it in this case as “trip” and “travel” don’t quite suffice.

Then there is bound to be a detour or two along the way. This is inevitable for a serial wanderer and spontaneity advocate such as myself. I plead guilty to trusting my restless feet and smitten self maybe a bit too much. I tend to get distracted, which is not good. I tend to explore any number of backstreets and discover endless sources of self-amusement, which is awesome.

As much as I don’t mean to make a detour to a rather existentialist thought, I’ll go ahead and say that, yes, I sometimes feel and act the same way when it comes to life stuff. Though never without thinking hard about it and heeding my instinct. Granted, I need to cultivate a stronger, stubborn sense of direction and laser-sharp F O C U S , but to borrow from a cheesy, videoke-appropriate Tiffany’s hit from the 80s, “All and all, I’ve no regrets.”

Off to tackle another trail!

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