elevating the everyday

Two of the furoshiki lunches I had brought to work. (It could be a leftover meal from the previous day like the top photo featuring an Indian fare served on dainty Noritake saucers from the office pantry.  Or a simple side dish of vegetables I love — I balance it out with sneaky sinister sidekicks. Here, not-red salted egg and roasted sesame dressing. Fruits and books are always welcome additions. Btw, furoshiki refers to the little cloth the Japanese use to wrap everything from gifts to bento. I’ve got a handful of furoshiki — really just repurposed handkerchief cos I haven’t use one in years — on rotation. Oh, and it also moonlights as a placemat!)

I first read about the joys of Elevating the Everyday back in 2008 from a styling story in the old Domino magazine — hands down, still my favorite style and shelter title! Pre-Pinterest and Instagram, Domino was everything. I would pore over the issues like crazy, reveling at the spreads of perfectly chic and quirky homes. Rita Konig’s lovely shopping stories also remain particularly vivid to me.

What makes Domino remarkable to me even in this age of (sometimes overly) curated feeds and (sometimes OTT) styled flat lays (Ha! back in the day it was just referred to as top shot) is how everything seems fun and effortless, never forced, never snooty.

Elevating the Everyday is about finding delight in mundane routines, be it through selecting everyday products that have little something special in them, or injecting a special something into daily rituals. Case in point in line with above photos: workday lunches. Our office has this cozy pantry with good views of the Makati CBD. I would take my usual spot at the bar with  my furoshiki baon and a book…but sometimes I end up not opening the book at all, preferring to just savor my meal and take in the moment.

When things get a bit maddening at work or life, I would step out and lunch out. I love breaking patterns, too. But that deserves a separate entry.

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