on words like whimsy

Mt. Cloud Bookshop, Baguio City, January 2015.  A project I was working on last year had involved multiple quick trips (and even a couple of just day trips!) to Baguio that when the project wrapped up, I couldn’t imagine going there again in the near future. I did return this January though, but only as a pit stop to and from Mt. Pulag. These days, for some reason, I find myself wishing I could take a few days’ off to the North with an extra thick hot chocolate to cozy up with.

There really are certain words as pretty and pleasant as the meanings they carry. For me those words include whimsy, fluffy, cherish, serene. Then there are also non-poetic sounding, “utilitarian” words like procure and provision that I somehow find charming.

The other day I was telling a friend, who’s fluent in Nihongo, how I think the Japanese word 葡萄 or budou is such a letdown to its English counterpart. Ha ha. Budou just doesn’t sound even half as fancy as grapes, right?  Not like 苺 or ichigo which is exactly what you’d imagine the Japanese would coin for the word strawberry. It has  that zing, that spark, that delightful bite to it. Or maybe that’s just me.

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