on bocobo street

Hizon’s Cafe, Ermita, Manila, March 2015.  I had accidentally visited this decades-old cafe (nothing to do with the popular catering company) one Saturday  afternoon. An assignment brought me to Robinson’s Place, and since I was rarely in the area, decided to pop by the Solidaridad Bookshop where I would always have to practice serious decision-making skills in choosing just one book to buy out of at least an armload of coveted titles. I had time to kill before my next lakad and was planning to coffice (um a verb meaning to do work, often racquette, in a coffee shop) somewhere, preferably a CBTL. Instead of Googling, I pestered one of the bookshop keepers: “Saan po may malapit na coffee shop? Starbucks po or Coffee Bean.” Ate directed me to Hizon’s along J. Bocobo street corner of Arquiza. I’ve always liked Ermita regardless of its red-light trappings and so this cafe was another reason to adore the area. This was during the time of hipster coffee shops sprouting all over the metro. Fun at first, but it was getting somewhat annoying. Ha ha. And so this tita-approved cafe was a refreshing break. They didn’t have WiFi; plans of cofficing out the window! No biggie. Fresh from Solidaridad, I had a brand new book to keep me company as I enjoy my very tita merienda of hot chocolate, grilled ensaymada and some sweet bread. 



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