taking it slow


An old cafe somewhere in Kyoto, April 2016. My friend and I had a hard time locating our hostel in Kyoto. It was raining. We were tired coming from the bullet train ride from Tokyo, and were yet to have a decent meal for the day. It was so tempting to just step inside one of the quaint, mom-and-pop coffee shops we had passed by in search of our hostel. But we were stubborn and insisted on finding and settling in our hostel first before we eat. After what felt like a lifetime and a half, we finally found the place. It was waaaaaaay far from the landmark (this certain train station, forgot the name). In any case, we were just too happy to have located it and could finally have late lunch in peace. We both decided on this cafe we had seen earlier. It was such a charming little place manned by  an old couple. Curry rice (ranks high in my comfort food list!) and coffee saved the day. It was already mid-afternoon and rain had stopped; spent the rest of the day just leisurely exploring the neighborhood. When I travel, I operate with a certain balance in mind, whether it’s budget  (e.g. “If I plan to have coffee and pastries this afternoon, I’ll make do with tipid lunch for now.”) or itinerary  (Amazing Race-ish days and take-it-slow days).  Also, solo mid-day coffee shop stop or nightcap is mandatory for me. A trip simply doesn’t seem complete without it. 

Must we always be in a rush?  We all get exactly twenty four hours in a day. If anything, at least there is universal equality in that. Oh, the luxury of time.

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