feels like home

Yesterday I had my first Real Home shoot in ages. I can’t remember the last one but that would have to be a few months before I joined JFM in August 2014. What is surprisingly vivid to me is the familiar, comforting feeling of being in a home shoot: chatting up the owner and/or the […]

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sunday morning snaps

For no special reason apart from writing this on a Sunday, I remember a particular trip to Dumaguete four whopping years ago. I had been to Dumaguete three times; twice for work and once for vacation alongside a trip to the nearby Siquijor. These photos, as the title suggests, were all taken one Sunday morning […]

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train people : tokyo edition

Was it two years ago? Yeah, I think it was around two years ago when I stumbled upon Tokyo-based photographer David Buchler’s Instagram account and have been hooked ever since (and got a few friends to follow him!). His candid shots of random people on the train and streets are incredible and always on point. […]

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