life bucolic

Meeeeh no meh. This snap taken in haste is an easy favorite out of about a gazillion and a half photos from my Batanes trip. This was taken in the morning of our South Batan tour, somewhere near the Boat Shelter Port. Unlike the two previous days, this one was punctuated with scattered “rain showers” (bagyo levels by Manila standards!). I had spotted this lone fellow chewing to his heart’s content during one of our rain stops. Hello, poor goat! sorry I just couldn’t leave you alone. Friends
The kids are all right. The young ones of Sabtang readily hammed it up for the camera. Dainty, colorful native fans for sale hang from the laundry mobile. 
More meeeelk please. Couldn’t get any fresher than this. 

The long overdue, highly anticipated Batanes trip went by sooo fast. We were blessed with an abundance of sunshine two out of three full days we had for touring North and South Batan, and Sabtang. Happy to report that Batanes didn’t disappoint at all. 


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