train people : tokyo edition

Was it two years ago? Yeah, I think it was around two years ago when I stumbled upon Tokyo-based photographer David Buchler’s Instagram account and have been hooked ever since (and got a few friends to follow him!). His candid shots of random people on the train and streets are incredible and always on point. I especially love his “RIP” and “TGIF” shots! Some shots are too close you’d wonder  how he manages to take them without getting his ass busted. This guy has serious talent. I’ve always loved taking random snaps myself, even before I came across his account, but without meaning to, the shots I’ve been taking since then are somewhat David Buchler-ish. Ha ha. Here are a few of these shots. Interestingly, these are all taken in Tokyo (different days perhaps) and on the same September 2015 trip.

I’ll make another set featuring the countryside train people from my Shikoku trip. ^.^

Doko na u? Koko na us — okay, this is a brilliant  Nihongo-Taglish-jej-gay mishmash meaning “Where are you? We’re here already.” Lol . I adore the unintentionally matching color palette of this train couple. Hmm. Couldn’t remember the name of this train line or where we were headed!  
Salarymen special. Now that I think about it,  both or one of these shots was not taken in Tokyo but Kyoto. Locals might be able to tell based on the train seats alone. 
Almost midnight in Shibuya. This was on the Keio line going towards the direction of Shimokitazawa station. I think this was the last ride, and so we had to practically run to catch it from one of our nights out in Shibuya drinking umeshuu and munching on yakitori. Most of the passengers looked like they had varying levels of alcohol in them, too. Ha ha!  

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