sunday morning snaps

For no special reason apart from writing this on a Sunday, I remember a particular trip to Dumaguete four whopping years ago. I had been to Dumaguete three times; twice for work and once for vacation alongside a trip to the nearby Siquijor. These photos, as the title suggests, were all taken one Sunday morning in Dumaguete on the last day I was there. I was with a friend who had to leave earlier that morning to catch a wedding, and a couple friend (who are now married with a cute little boy!). The three of us had spent the morning walking to the church to hear mass, having unhurried brunch at the popular Sansrival House (a requisite stop!), and just cozying up on the grassy parts of Rizal Boulevard.

A couple of months ago a friend had invited me to go to Dumaguete on a short notice. I would have said yes, but the timing was off. I’d definitely be back to Dumaguete at some point in the future though. I consider it one of my favorites in the Philippines. Everything’s quaint and quiet and unpretentious.

Rizal was here. Really. Dumaguete’s Rizal Boulevard is one of the few Rizal-namesake streets/boulevards/cities in the Philippines that the National Hero had actually traversed.  
Bisikleta sa umaga. Still along the Rizal Boulevard–come to think of it, all photos in this set are taken along this stretch. Everything revolves around this boulevard and the nearby Siliman University. 
Sunday slowdown. There was some sort of a boat-racing competition during the last morning of our trip hence the crowd. There were also some peddlers selling accessories. 
But first, coffee. I love this snap of empty cups, the peddlers’ maybe, with residual coffee in them. 
Hello, yellow. My friend Ey surveying the goods. Isn’t her tote bag adorable? 
Maskara festival. I resisted buying the trinkets, but of course I just had to buy a mask for myself.  
Hiiii!….and of course I just really had to have my photo taken with my mask on. So how do I lewk? 

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