nine hours

Scenes from my nine-hour layover in SG from Bali to Manila last September.

Thank God I’m Asian. After enduring a flight delay, mulling over whether I should venture out or stay inside Changi, and doing the necessary errands (leaving my luggage, changing currencies, and buying one-day train pass), and deciding on the station where to get off, it was finally time to attend to my clamoring stomach. And I say I’m thankful for being Asian because a simple meal of some roast pork and rice could bring me so much joy–really, and not just because I was famished. I like soaking up the hawker scene and I have a long-standing love affair with Chinatowns. 
It was a Tuesday afternoon. After lunch, I slathered on sunblock and prepped myself to walk my big busog belly under the sweltering heat while the SG locals and PRs hustle at their cushy offices. I wandered around the Bugis station to the Kampong Glam area, where I had been just barely a week ago. I was set to go back to this coffee shop with a Yip Yew Chong mural. 
You just…you just gotta walk. Fact: I am a fast walker, slow runner. 
xoxo, your backstreet girl. I have this thing with backstreets. This became clear to me a week before this trip, also in SG. Certainly a ton more where this came from. 
Point and shoot. I walk fast but I also tend to stop a lot to take random shots like this. This is also why I prefer to travel solo. 
Hi, Magpie. What an interesting shop this is. Caught my eye twice, but never mustered the courage to venture inside on both occasions. From what I’ve seen from the outside, it looked like a magpie’s craycray dream shop! I was torn between going inside and chatting up the owner (I was quite sure he was there, buried in piles of junk shop treasures!) and staying glued outside for fear of earning his ire or getting trapped inside (lol). Anyway, isn’t that storefront idea awesome?  [Edit: This “shop” actually houses a reference library and a collection of archival material pertaining to art on Singapore, according to their website.] 
Streetscape. I adore Yip Yew Chong’s distinct style *insert heart-eyed emoji*. This one is a commissioned work for Academy Roastery Cafe (ARC) hence the coffee theme. I’ve seen his works in Everton, too. He’s got several more splashed around the city. 
Properly caffeineited at 4pm. Killed time sipping coffee, digging in some plant-in-pot-inspired tiramisu, and doing some old-school journaling. Cooped up at ARC from 4pm to 8pm. 
Train situation. I took my sweet time walking back to Bugis station. Lalalalalala. To kill time and “maximize” my one-day pass, I went for a little joyride; pursued the end of the East-West line instead of getting off my stop. In stark contrast, my fellow commuters looked eager to come home. 
Hello from the other siiiide. Tabula rasa state at the train line’s first stop. Time to go home now. 

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