year of the high socks

It socks to be me. A terrible case of rashes from a beach trip in 2013 had led to legs covered in scars. They were unsightly to say the least. Hence, I developed a clingy kind of relationship with my posse of high socks, tights, stockings, leggings, and pants (pants! I used to wear these […]

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take me to the eighties

“Ang weird pala ‘pag decade mo na ‘yung ginagaya no?” my friends from high school and I agree, in reference to the resurgence of the nineties fashion. Think Spice Girls-ish chunky platforms and the baby tee-and-jumper combo. I’m waiting for the twin sets’ turn to be en vogue again though. It’s been almost 20 years […]

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“Everyday Japan” is what I like best. This is precisely what makes me the worst person to ask travel-related questions about Japan. Well-meaning friends and acquaintances would often ask me inquiries as generic as “Mga magkano kailangan na budget?” to as annoyingly specific as “Saan okay mag-book na hotel near Kamata station?” I would answer the […]

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