take me to the eighties

Ang weird pala ‘pag decade mo na ‘yung ginagaya no?” my friends from high school and I agree, in reference to the resurgence of the nineties fashion. Think Spice Girls-ish chunky platforms and the baby tee-and-jumper combo. I’m waiting for the twin sets’ turn to be en vogue again though. It’s been almost 20 years and just about ripe for a comeback. Nineties has a special spot for me, of course, but here let me talk about the eighties. 

Maybe I’m having what that character in Midnight in Paris chalks up as the “Golden Age Thinking” though I don’t think of the eighties (or the sixties, another decade I love that I wasn’t part of) as perfect. I’m drawn to it mainly for its apparent madness, its enviable quirk, its everything-goes attitude. I would often faux reminisce my nonexistent days as a teenager in the decade of big and unruly hair, frosty eye makeup, and overall kitschiness (lol) set in a John Hughes-esque movie or, in the local context, Bagets (zomg I love that movie and those pre-politician Herbert Bautista starrers).  

One of my Spotify playlists is dedicated to my all-time favorites from the eighties like The Lotus Eaters’ The First Picture of You, Patty Smyth’s The Warrior (Ha ha. So kitschy it’s good!), and a number of hits by the Go West, Duran Duran, and Tears for Fears. I used to look forward to Wednesdays (for the 93.1’s RX Monster’s Riot) and Fridays (for the 89.9’s Friday Magic Madness) for their eighties playlists. But now both throwback days feature hits from the nineties and the early 2000s. Times are a-changing. I do hope they still play songs from the early nineties though–nostalgic and  comfortingly cheesy ones like Jon Secada’s Just Another Day, Ephraim Lewis’s (“E-frame” Lewis, says a certain shared playlist in my old office. Ha ha!) Drowning in your Eyes, and Southern Sons’ You were there.

And my “comfort movies” include actual flicks from my beloved decade and inspired by that decade (think Romy and Michele’s High-School Reunion and 13 Going on 30). I remember having a John Hughes phase, watching everything from the cult favorites Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink to the offbeat choices She’s Having a Baby (side note: I had a crush who bore resemblance to the young Kevin Bacon. I was reminded of him while watching this movie.) and Planes, Trains, Automobiles. However, what I liked best remain to be Some Kind of Wonderful and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (I was secretly rooting for the poor bestie Cameron Frye!). 

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