i see faces


Hey, little mister mister. Reason #1098 why 日本が大好き: There are faces everywhere. Japan really is a kingdom of characters that aren’t limited to manga and TV, and don’t exclusively cater to kids. Go to Daiso and you’d find that almost every aisle (perhaps all aisles) has at least a product with a cutesy character on its packaging – dishwashing sponges, cotton buds, toilet paper rolls… And there are also incidental characters. The streets and alleys in Japan are an endless source of fascination to me. I see faces everywhere, even on those ubiquitous blue trash bins beside vending machines. 2/3 of the photos here were taken in Japan (Ogijima Island and Tokyo). The other one is a Japanese bike that was part of a product exhibition at the Met Museum of Manila on view middle of this year. Anyhoo, my way of saying I’ve been missing my happy place. Autumn, please come quick!

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