huli ka balbon!

It’s a universally accepted truth that cats are amusing creatures. How else to explain all those hilarious memes? Below, some of my favorite cat photos from here and there; I promise to try not to make my best I can haz cheeseburger attempt at captioning. 


dog food thief
Free lunch–there is clearly such a thing. Cartimar, Manila, January 2015.
i has itchy
“I haz itchyyyyy!!!!” (knew I won’t be able to resist that I haz reference. Lolol). Ogijima Island, Japan, April 2016.
surprised trio
“Hey you hooman what do you mean no food for us?” Montalban, Rizal, August 2014. 
tulog sa pansitan
Buhay pa ba ‘yan?”— a friend commented on this photo when I uploaded it on IG. I had just stepped out of Uber on my way to have lunch  when I chanced upon this fellow. I couldn’t remember if he was still breathing (I very well hope he did!). I guess I was too engrossed on how serene (Hala!) and candidly picture-perfect he (?) looked lying there. Rockwell, Makati, August 2016. 


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