in memory of in-between jobs 2.0

When I tendered my resignation from JFM late last year, I honestly didn’t know where to head next. I figured I could always do full-time freelance work for the time being. As if on cue, assignments came pouring in. Weekdays were filled with writing and sometimes going out on shoots; almost no room for stressing over uncertainties. I had a strong feeling it’s just going to be for a short period unlike when I first had my freelancing phase (aka “my mini retirement”) in 2013-2014. 

My hopper tendencies–Hey, I’m technically a millennial after all! Haha–didn’t exactly inspire confidence though. And this hit me hard during my second interview at my current company.  The head of the department was scanning my resume with an apparent look of displeasure on his face before finally asking, “So what’s the assurance that after we train you, you won’t tell us you want to go back to freelancing again?” I wanted to assure him but I didn’t want to flat-out lie and say that would never happen…I mean, how can I ever be sure, right? Good thing I managed to come up with a safe, sincere answer that was hopefully satisfying enough for him to endorse me to the CM. 

Almost five months into the job, I’m finally starting to get a feel for my new role. There’s still so much to learn and experience–which is exactly what won’t make me bolt out anytime soon. Where there is a meaningful challenge to overcome, there’s a good reason to stay. 

There were and will always be crazy days, but nothing a good sleep can’t fix. And long vacation. But that would have to wait until I secure my paid leaves! 

Scenes from shoots and coffice. Clockwise from top left: At interior designer Wilmer’s wonderful provincial home—so much to love about his home and this shoot; another home shoot–this time of a “condo potter’s” family space cum workshop in a high-rise apartment in Boni, Mandaluyong; found a cozy spot to coffice in at United Coffee in Kapitolyo; candid shot by my former editor–she always takes lovely photos of me! 

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