Weekly Roundup, 9/24

Hisashiburi! Starting a weekly section to force (!) me to regularly update my blog, which, to state the v. obvious, has been in its dormant state for months now.

The roundup I have in mind features a ratio of 90:10 / 95:05 visual inspiration culled mostly from daily online content consumption of the design and lifestyle websites I subscribe to and “life lately” snaps from my uneventful life as of late (haha).

(1) Maria Svarbova’s Swimming Pool series

The Slovakia-based artist has this to say about her photography series that started in 2014.

“Despite the retro setting, the pictures somehow evoke a futuristic feeling as well, as if they were taken somewhere completely alien.’ the moment is frozen, allowing the viewer to focus on the series’ sense of visual satisfaction — enhanced by the symmetry of the compositions and the scenes’ ethereal tranquility.

Agree on the retro quality and ethereal tranquility of her works. Also, the series won me over for the prominence of the red-blue palette I love.


and while on the topic of swimming pool (and retro)…Benjamin!


(2) Jeremy Irons on restoring his 15th-century castle of a home 

Fixer-upper of epic proportions. And because I’m certainly more of a Real Living than a Town and Country girl, I tend to adore the cozy nooks and detail shots (that corner tub!) than the magnificent sitting rooms.

“I remember the very first night I spent here on my own,” he said. “It’s a very interesting building, because it’s very male and erect: a phallus. And yet, within, it’s a womb. Very strange like that. And I thought, I’m completely protected. I’m away from everything. It’s a wonderful feeling. And that’s what it gives me.”


(3) What I’m currently reading: A Monocle back issue (salamat po, Book Sale) and Lucia Berlin’s A Manual for Cleaning Women 

Flatlay feat. my burnt hotcake.


Product shot while waiting for Manong Uber. I’m halfway through the book; will update with my favorite bits once done.


(4) Sweet Vanilla Cream Cold Brew by Starbucks 

I only found out about this drink this week from a colleague and I had it in grande for two consecutive days. Earlier I almost grabbed another one but settled for iced coffee from Mc.Do. I rarely go to Starbucks. I just go there to coffice and when the occasional craving for Dark Mocha Frappe hits me. But this just makes me want to go there more often. Noooooooooo.


(5) Jaime Hayon x Nanimarquina Rugs

Of the many designers I had written about for the “Design Icon” bit during my EA days, Jaime Hayon stands out from memory and remains a favorite because of his quirk and playfulness. His Nani rugs are no exception…though at first glance I thought they’re by some Scandinavian designer.







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