Weekly Roundup, 10/01

Yay, on to my second post in this series…but I’m stumped. There’s lack of visual inspiration this week so all three items would have to be random personal bits!

(1)   Clean, real food.

I don’t believe in excluding food groups. I love my meat and dairy (bacon! butter!) as much as I do vegetables and “boring food” like tofu. Everything in moderation. Lucky that, by default, I don’t have appetite for junk food unless my PMS cravings demand sodium  (among others). I don’t stock up on chips at home and office — if I do, I go with the smallest bag. I try to minimize my processed food consumption too…I just can’t give up corned beef. I always have a can of my favorite brand on hand. I feel comforted that way.

But I need to be more intentional in choosing healthier options that are a joy to consume and give me that satisfyingly light and clean feeling after. Two examples:

Langka and camansi (jackfruit and breadfruit) teriyaki with cucumber and hijiki sunomono — a vegan dish I got to try earlier at Mandala Park. I was half expecting to eat just half and take home the other half but I ended up wiping my plate clean when I wasn’t even that hungry. It was soooo good! When Mabi had me try the teriyaki only, I thought it was just okay. But that + side + red dinorado rice made an incredible dish. Maybe not for everyone though!


Smoothie bowl! I first tried it in La Union last year.  It’s not widely available in Manila (I only know of Bliss Bowls) so when I finally had a chance to go to Megamall, I made sure to have this even right before a lunch meet-up. Definitely not just an Instagram fodder–it does taste great and leaves me feeling clean and happy. IMG_20170903_105442_689 (2)

(2) Where I live. 

A couple of months ago I moved into a tiny apartment close to where I work. This is my first time to live solo. Finally graduated from condo-sharing / room renting / squatting at my sister’s condo!

It’s in a brand new walk-up apartment building. When I moved in, I was the only one on the top floor (fourth). Now I think there are two or three of us.

I finally decided to take it after my second ocular and I distinctly remember why. It was late afternoon / early evening and the quiet street (despite the fact it’s adjacent to a major highway) and that view of ascent from the bridge gave off a pleasantly nostalgic and Japan-y feel. I’m still smitten, especially when sunlight streams in from the windows.  I cannot stand dreary, kulob spaces.


(3) Work in progress. 

Always still a WIP.  🙂




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