Weekly Roundup, 10/08

(1) Ballet rotoscope

In a previous lifetime I might have been a ballerina. I have a deep fascination with ballet and I sometimes gripe about the lost opportunity of learning it when I was little (to be fair to my family, I had never asked to be enrolled—I just assumed they would somehow know.) So I grew up quietly consoling myself with ballet movies and live performances. And now, thanks to IG, I gawk at ballerinas’ photos and video clips on an almost daily basis.

Though I don’t need any more proof how ballet movements are mesmerizing, this experimental short film utilizing rotoscope animation method to trace the lines and curves of a ballerina in movement is still a treat to watch—especially the credits.   


(2) Jennifer Bourbon’s manicured-hands pattern

I came across her IG account one day and found her flower patterns and cat prints lovely and quirky though not necessarily unique. This particular pattern won me over. Maybe because my own hands have hopelessly stubby fingers and chewed-on fingernails from childhood (Yes, quite embarrassingly so, but I have a perfectly functioning pair of hands and that’s all I’ll ever need! :))



(3) YDG’s Honey, Wake Up

I haven’t had sweet cream vanilla cold brew—my favorite coffee from two weeks ago—since I wrote about it. It was out of stock at the Starbucks branch closest to our office when we went last Monday, and the barista had kindly suggested a close alternative that turned out to be awful. Hngh.

Anyway, that’s all in the past now. My heart belongs (and palpitates) to a new favorite from Your Daily Grind (YDG), this neat square-in-a-wall coffee shop in Pasong Tamo. Their branch in Mandala Park is much bigger.

Screenshot_2017-10-08-16-23-52-1 (1).png

I also got to try their Gingerbread White, laced with extra shot of espresso. I liked HWU better but both gave me that smooth caffeine kick and sans the sour aftertaste (or effect to my tummy). I just wish they open an hour earlier, at 7am, so I can grab a cup on my way to work. In hindsight, huwag na pala. Might end up buying every morning.

The tiled table and quaint wall called for a product shot feat. my “Catfight” tote which made its debut the first time we went there. It’s a Christmas present from a friend. Love its cheekiness and the size is perf for my baon containers!


(4) Kirsten Stewart in Cafe Society

I had seen this last week. I wouldn’t say I hated it but it’s got to be one of Woody Allen’s dullest films, if not the dullest. Didn’t live up at all to the fancy, intriguing title. Why, Woody, you can do so much better than that.

But surprise, surprise, I liked Kirsten Stewart in this film! I used to hate her and her “I’m too cool for this shiz” vibe since Twilight days.. however, here she’s a darling. I think it’s just about getting the right role. I used to not like Renee Zellwegger and Owen Wilson until I saw Chicago and Midnight in Paris


(5) Moleskine

I finally get the appeal of this brand, which I used to dismiss as mere hype. The smoothness of the paper is a dream and only a few pages into it, I can no longer imagine using another brand. Mine is a slim, classic red one with dotted paper. 

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