Inokashira Idyll

Scenes from my autumn afternoon in Inokashira Park on my last day in Tokyo.

Picnic baby.jpg
Little girl, lovely park
Picnic spread
Picnic spread of konbini items. Good times! 
Inokashira sunshine
Glorious autumn sunshine
Inokashira musician
I had walked in on this woman shooting a video of herself playing her instrument (Sorry!)
Inokashira library
Wandered into the residential strip beside the park. This is a mini neighborhood library…I think.
Vendo boss.jpg
Now I know what the inside of a vendo machine looks like…Thanks, Boss!
Inokashira line
Mitaka is home to the Ghibli Museum, which I haven’t visited yet, but I swear this spot in particular has Miyazaki vibe.
Inokashira bar.jpg
Too early for whiskey

Inokashira boat

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