What I’m loving now: Vivian Maier’s shots

I only found out about Vivian Maier from this book I scored from the Big Bad Wolf book sale a few months ago. A (lucky) real estate broker unknowingly stumbled upon boxes of negatives and undeveloped film rolls in a flea market. These belonged to Vivian Maier, the Rolleiflex-toting nanny who died just two years before she rose to fame.

Her personality turned out to be as captivating as her street shots. She described herself as “mystery woman” and “sort of a spy”– and an early advocate of mirrorfie, if I may add.  Read about her here and here. There’s also a documentary on her, which I’m planning to download soon.

Looking at her photos makes me wish I have her excellent eye and nimble trigger — but perhaps minus her eccentricity. Or is that part of the package?




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