[photo diary] la union

Today being the last day of 2018, I initially planned to write a year-end entry with the lovely La Union sunset photo. It was taken May of this year. I was 18 weeks along, hence I jokingly refer to this weekend getaway as my babymoon.

Thought of also sharing a bunch of snaps from my second trip to the surftown: Mint green and red palette (a variation of my forever color combo of red and turquoise = very The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou), serene sunset and a quite crowded shore, wooden tumba-tumba on a lazy afternoon…

2018 has been a mixed bag of a year, but nonetheless a good one. I have no reason to believe 2019 won’t be as good or even much better. My heart is full.

Happy New Year!

Sunset (1)Beach bump (1).jpgBeach Shari (1)P1090499 (1)El Union (1)Red and Mint Green (1)Makai Bowls (1)Sabong (1)

Toilet (1).jpgMirror (1).jpgSilippery (1).jpgPapa Bear (1).jpgP1090516 (1).jpgBumpie (1).jpgTumba-tumba (1).jpgPopsicle (1)Plants (1).jpgRecyclable (1).jpgBar (1)


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