half year

My son has just turned six months old, and I’m getting emotional (save the happy tears for the first birthday, momma!). Allow me to indulge in some baby-centric narrative.

His first two teeth are about to come out. Bottom front. He keeps on feeling them with his tongue, making it appear that he’s sticking it out for fun. He chews on his training toothbrush, his toys, the lampin or any cloth for that matter, and even my shoulder when I’m carrying him. Fortunately no teething fever or diarrhea.

He loves his morning and afternoon walks around the neighborhood. I, too, though at times I had to drag myself out of bed. I don’t get to do this with him every day now that I’m working, so I look forward to weekends and holidays. We especially love the morning walks — sometimes beginning at the crack of dawn — when the chirping birds are aplenty and the roosters announce the start of day (We don’t live in the city.).

In our afternoon walks, my son enjoys watching school-age kids or grown-ups play basketball in the court. Sometimes both groups simultaneously play half-courts — when this happens, it’s fun to watch his little head bob from one side to another as he keeps track of both balls in action. He finds dribbling ball fascinating. He finds bodies in motion fascinating. He finds bicycles, motorcycles, tricycles, cars fascinating — his feet would sometimes pedal fast in the air as a vehicle zips by. And don’t get me started about shadows. For a long time, he was also amused with fluttering curtains.

When I leave for work at five thirty in the morning (exactly or before five on some days!), his yaya would sometimes carry him to send me off. I would look back and see him follow me with his eyes while laughing and excitedly pedaling in the air. Hindi pa marunong maghabol. Oh, how I dread that phase!

He sleeps through the night most of the time. He would still latch once or twice in the middle of the night, as much for comfort as for sustenance.

My son best expresses his emotions by varying the intensity and speed of how he’d vigorously rub his feet together, punching optional. And he’s quite infamous in our household for the lightning-fast manner by which he shifts from one mood to another. One second he could flash you his brightest gummy grin. After half a second, he could let out an impatient cry. I guess he doesn’t want his caregiver to be complacent around him. You’ll never know what you’re gonna get…this is true about life, about a box of chocolates, about my son.

He sweats easily and a lot. His fluffy hair — faux hawk and bangs! — would be soaked up in sweat in an instant whenever ventilation is inadequate. He likes bath time and watching any form of running water. However, his first swimming pool dip wasn’t a hit. I can’t wait to take him to the beach though; I hope it’ll be love at first sight for him.

I still think he has about three or more faces. He looks different in pictures all the time. But his grumpy-cute face is one of my favorites — and oh, look at that pout. Better end this now, I’m starting to sound like the annoying stage mom. Haha.

Don’t grow up too fast, my munchkin!


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