Weekly Roundup, 10/08

(1) Ballet rotoscope In a previous lifetime I might have been a ballerina. I have a deep fascination with ballet and I sometimes gripe about the lost opportunity of learning it when I was little (to be fair to my family, I had never asked to be enrolled—I just assumed they would somehow know.) So […]

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Weekly Roundup, 10/01

Yay, on to my second post in this series…but I’m stumped. There’s lack of visual inspiration this week so all three items would have to be random personal bits! (1)   Clean, real food. I don’t believe in excluding food groups. I love my meat and dairy (bacon! butter!) as much as I do vegetables and […]

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Weekly Roundup, 9/24

Hisashiburi! Starting a weekly section to force (!) me to regularly update my blog, which, to state the v. obvious, has been in its dormant state for months now. The roundup I have in mind features a ratio of 90:10 / 95:05 visual inspiration culled mostly from daily online content consumption of the design and […]

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in memory of in-between jobs 2.0

When I tendered my resignation from JFM late last year, I honestly didn’t know where to head next. I figured I could always do full-time freelance work for the time being. As if on cue, assignments came pouring in. Weekdays were filled with writing and sometimes going out on shoots; almost no room for stressing […]

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